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Optimize livestock production and productivity through animal breeding technologies and animal genetics solutions to improve food security and eradicate poverty in Tanzania.

Take a leading role in establishing a strategic and comprehensive National animal breeding and genetics programme.

Short course opening for artificial insemination in cattle for the year 2018, for more information read the training instructions and download the application form to apply.

The following farms and ranches are earmarked for establishment of AI service and data collection; 

  1. SUA Farm – Morogoro
  2. LMUs
    1. Mabuki
    2. Kitulo
    3. Ngerengere
    4. Sao Hill
  • Tanga LRC
  1. Prison Farms & JKT
    1. Kingolwira Prison Farm
    2. Arusha prison Farm
    3. WamiMbigiri
    4. Ruvu JKT
  2. NARCO
  3. LITA Farms:
    1. Tengeru – Arusha
    2. Madaba – Songea
    3. Buhuri – Tanga
    4. Mpwapwa – Dodoma
    5. Morogoro

Establishing and strengthening AI services in the mentioned farms and most unreached regions needs minor costs to be incurred as most of them have trained AI Technicians as well as equipment and supplies? However some travelling costs are to be used to enhance the work.

  • Travelling to the regions which are less touched by the AI service whenever funds allow for the purpose of creating awareness to farmers will be valuable
  • Synchronization programs can also increase the number of AI and eventually increase number of improved progenies.
  • Change in he mode of service delivery from clients coming to collect supplies to on-site delivery by the supplier

The table below illustrates the regions by their status of AI service

Table 1: Operational Zones and AI service status Conclusion

Tablenew 1 001

Tablenew 1 002

Tablenew 1 003


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