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Short course opening for artificial insemination in cattle for the year 2018, for more information read the training instructions and download the application form to apply.

 National Artificial Insemination Centre (NAIC) offer short course on artificial insemination in cattle.



  • Applicant shall have a minimum qualification of Secondary School Education with passes in science subjects.
  • It is one month (30 days) course.

The course cover the following areas of professional practice.

  • Anatomy of the animal reproductive tract and pelvic, the relationship between the reproductive tract, urinary tract and gastrointestinal tract.
  • Description of semen collection, processing and freezing.
  • Methods of heat detection and the correct time of insemination.
  • Insemination technique on live animals and practical difficulties and the response to them.
  • Contra-indication of artificial insemination.
  • Animal breeding management and handling for insemination
  • The principles and practice of hygiene and the prevention of spread of diseases.
  • Storing, handling semen and its preparation for use.
  • Method of pregnant diagnosis in Cattle
  • Care and cleaning of all equipment.
  • Health and safety including the usual hazard of handling animal, health risks to manzoonoses, fractious animals, handling liquid nitrogen, exploding straws and all health precautions.
  • Animal welfare issues.

Grandaunts of the course will have theoretical and practical knowledge and skill on Artificial Insemination in cattle.

Contact personal.

  • Coordinator of Training.

Jerobowam Abia

Mobile +255756946406

  • Assistant coordinator of Training

Florida. V. Shayo 

Mobile +255655067823

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