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Optimize livestock production and productivity through animal breeding technologies and animal genetics solutions to improve food security and eradicate poverty in Tanzania.

Take a leading role in establishing a strategic and comprehensive National animal breeding and genetics programme.

Short course opening for artificial insemination in cattle for the year 2018, for more information read the training instructions and download the application form to apply.

 Introduction of Artificial Insemination in Tanzania dates back to 1958 and 1959 when some cattle owning settler farmers in the Arusha and Kilimanjaro areas brought in room temperature semen.


            Around 1961 to 1963 small holders in the Kilimanjaro and Arusha areas got interested in Artificial Insemination and started Dairy Cattle Societies to which they paid fees which purchased semen and insemination  equipment for use in the service while the Government supplied transport and technical personnel.   The livestock experimental station West Kilimanjaro did collect semen from a few Jersey bulls for use in their herd as well as for the small holders in their neighborhood.

            In 1968 the Government made A.I. free to everybody.  The cattle societies which charged Tsh.12.50 for a total of three inseminations.

            In 1966/67 the Government established a bull station at Mpwapwa for semen collection.  This station at first produced liquid semen preserved in coconut milk, and around 1968 it introduced deep freezing in liquid nitrogen first using the ampoule and the French straw.

            After opening the Mpwapwa bull station or Centre more semen was made available and A.I. was extended to other regions like Tanga, Mwanza, West Lake Dodoma, Mtwara, Mbeya, Iringa, Morogoro, Coast, and Mara.  In 1972 a project was written up to establish the National Artificial Insemination Centre (NAIC) at Usa River Arusha.  This Centre was established through Swedish aid.

            In 1974 the Cuban Government agreed to build a bull center for Tanzania at Butiama. Presently it is only NAIC which is functional.

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