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Optimize livestock production and productivity through animal breeding technologies and animal genetics solutions to improve food security and eradicate poverty in Tanzania.

Take a leading role in establishing a strategic and comprehensive National animal breeding and genetics programme.

Short course opening for artificial insemination in cattle for the year 2018, for more information read the training instructions and download the application form to apply.

Artificial Insemination is the process of introducing viable semen (sperm and seminal fluid) into the female reproductive tract without involving direct contact between male and female.



  • It is the best method of changing the animal`s genetic potential in shorter time. It is easier for a farmer keeping indigenous cows to select among exotic bulls  for cross breeding his herd to obtain crosses which will survive well and become more productive under the existing environment.
  • AI is the best way of controlling cattle reproductive diseases such as Brucellosis,Vibriosis,Leptospirosis and Trichomoniasis. These diseases are transmitted by infected bulls during natural mating and causes big economic loss to farmers by causing infertility, abortion and delayed conception
  • Costs and risks associated with keeping bulls are avoided.
  • Farmers has a wider range to select a bull of interest within and among breeds.
  • Fast genetic progress can be realized and a single bull can serve many cows ( one bull can produce up to 100,000 doses which can be used even after bull`s death and also there is no need of trekking a cow to find the bull.

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